The Zimmerli Textil AG in Aarburg is a Swiss underwear manufacturers. Zimmerli made it his mission to not of cost, but of the high standards its customers to be guided in order to guarantee that a maximum wellbeing.
His clients include Hollywood actors like George Clooney, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis as well as other personalities including David Beckham and Karl Lagerfeld. Zimmerli underwear was also in various film productions used prominently among others, Rocky and in matrix.
ZIMMERLI, the world's finest underwear.
Feeling good. Of course, look good. No matter what comes. Any time of day. To and every occasion. This requires perfect fit. High-quality materials. Attractive, trendy Designs. Collections for every lifestyle. And the possibility of different models individually to combine. This is what Skiny.
Skiny: The lifestyle lingerie brand under the umbrella of Huber Holding. With a stand-alone fashion, Production and quality. Based on the comprehensive competence of Huber linen jersey.
SKINY, the lifestyle brand clothes
The invention of the briefs. The development of the first space-proof underwear for NASA. And the introduction of the popular 3D-Innovations ® collection: Only three key figures in the high profile corporate history, the jockey since its founding in 1876, not only one of the most innovative forces in the laundry industry, but to a true American Have made icon.
JOCKEY, tradition since 1876.
HOM is a French textile company that is exclusively in manufacturing elegant and extravagant men's underwear has specialized. Founded in 1968 in Marseilles, HOM falls from Beginning with his innovative style on the especially at self-conscious, active Men of all ages set. HOM not only sells clothes, but a whole way of life, the by corporate values ??such as masculinity, style, independence and uniqueness coined.
HOM, french designer clothes.
Whether day or night clothes: washing of Mey is done so that you feel comfortable. Not only when it comes for superior quality, innovative materials and ever new, attractive designs - But also in terms of social responsibility and sustainable production. A good feeling, which one you look at.
Not only at second glance. Great feelings arise not only in Hollywood. But Albstadt. For washing of Mey gives a sensual feeling. Both wearing and watching it.
MEY bodywear, made in Albstadt.
Since 1849 ISA has been channelling their passion into materials and patterns. ISA bodywear is well aware of their responsibilities as a company and always go the extra mile to manufacture his high-quality products in Switzerland or elsewhere in Europe in an environmentally friendly manner. ISA likes to incorporate as much Swissness as they possibly can in their products! The manufacturing process for the majority of their products is as follows: the design and development, material production and cutting are all carried out in Switzerland.
ISA bodywear - swiss quality.
In our long history, which goes back to SCHIESSER today, it seems that Company representatives recognized one of the most important business principles and successfully to have implemented: the preservation of traditional tastes paired with a commitment to constant change and reorientation to external developments over time and emerging requirements To take account of.
SCHIESSER faithful to the roots.
Not the loud appeal but the sovereign. Therefore understatement for us Claim and land value at the same time. Less, but the best of everything? in this way can HANRO as a brand and product characterization. The essence of the essence is found in every detail in the High-quality materials, the perfection of the incision, the care of the processing and the elegance of pure aesthetics. Because for us, real luxury, the in his skin perfect for comfort.
HANRO, for over 125 years.

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