HANRO Men's Underwear

The Swiss company Hanro offers pure luxury for women and men since 1884.

The timeless design shows a fine balance of classic and modernity at the same time. The finest embroidery from St. Gallen, the best quality and a discreetly embroidered logo are the hidden secrets seducer that give each Underwear its touch of luxury. Many details such as the noble front access in satin are manufactured in complex manual work. Whoever is wearing HANRO underwear for the first time, is surprised at how light, airy and soft the materials are.
With HANRO you can feel the selection of raw materials and highest original quality. As a natural fiber expert, HANRO only processes handpicked cotton, long-staple qualities and finest Swiss Cotton yarns. 90% of the fabric is developed and refined in the full-service production facility in Vorarlberg. Innovation is part of the craft of HANRO in which the brand creates small underwear wonders for men and women with the latest knitting and finishing technology.

HANRO men's underwear: Less, but the best of everything.

For men, the Hanro Cotton Essentials lines; Cotton Superior, Cotton Sensation, Cotton Sporty, Cotton Authentic and Pure Cotton offer a high amount of finest cotton - some with spandex for extra comfort. Models in the series Hanro Micro Touch have a soft feel and silky shine to them. The models of Hanro Silk Modal and Woolen Silk offer silk and the highest luxury of new wool.
The classic colors of HANRO men's underwear are black and white and are popular for shorts, are briefs, pants, shortleg or as boxers. Hanro Shirts are available in many varieties and materials and can be easily combined with each other. Hanro ensures a wonderful and light sensation for your skin by using supple cuts and finest yarns for a high-end feel. Accurate processing, durability and pure aesthetics characterizes Hanro's brand.

HANRO ladies underwear: With a clear attention to detail.

The most popular series of Hanro's Women lingerie are Cotton Seamless, Cotton Sensation, Everyday Cotton, Fineline, Moments, Cotton Superior Touch Feeling, Satin, Pure Silk or Woolen Silk. Here ladies will find products of high quality materials like cotton, silk and microfiber. Some models such as Hanro Moments, Hanro Cotton Touch or Seamless are finished with ornamental trimmings, lace elements or flat seams which transform the easy slip to playful lingerie and perfectly fitting shapewear. Women can select slips, panties or shirts by Hanro in black, white and skin color to be dressed perfectly in any garment.

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