HOM Men's Underwear

A traditional French brand: underwear of HOM - lingerie for men.

The brand HOM is a French textile company exclusively specialized in manufacturing elegant and extravagant underwear for gentlemen. Established in 1968 in Marseille, from the beginning HOM stood out with its innovative style for confident, active men at any age.

HOM underwear for men: the pioneer when it comes to wearing comfort.

Whoever is searching for conservative passion killers will not find them at HOM. It is quite the contrary: Men who wear HOM are very ambitious with their choice of underwear and also prefer up-to-date Designs. The HOM assortment captivates with its extravagance and high comfort while wearing it's perfect fit.
A high standard of quality has been strictly followed ever since the existence of the brand. Alongside the discreet, settled colors (black and white) you can find exciting, glaring prints and colors in the range of products. The HOM Business line for example persuades with its pure elegance and high comfort. Items of the collection HOM HO1 scores with functionality and unique styles. HOM Temptation is a seductive urban line in the luxury segment. Designs of HOM Pure Cotton and First Cotton present themselves with a high amount of cotton wool. HOM Black Addict is a trend setting line in black and dark colors while HOM Sport stands out due to its fresh colors which are matched with black geometric forms. If you choose the Boxer line at our shop, you are looking to receive combed cotton with a low percentage of elastane. Boxers are available in a double or triple pack and black HOM boxers are provided with the distinct logo on the waistband. Underwear of the HOM 3001 series is outstandingly sexy and extravagant and most popular in black.

With their range of articles HOM is always creative and experimental.

Not only is the range of all items is widely set up but also the different HOM models of underwear carry a variety that can satisfy the various wishes of customers. Boxers and briefs aren't just the only items available in the product line, there is also mini hipsters, tangas, g-strings, the patented HO1 slip, pajamas, swim wear or long johns of the line HO1 have been included in the assortment of HOM over time. The most common colors here are black and white. HOM means men's underwear but also sport, business, lifestyle and comfort every day.

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HOM is more than 'just' underwear for men - HOM is lingerie for gentlemen.

Regardless of the different tastes of individual customer's one thing is for certain: HOM's underwear is almost too exquisite to hide it and to just wear it underneath jeans or suits. HOM is more so for men who are confident to wear tomorrows fashion and who show their strong personality by choosing boxers, hipsters, or swim wear with strong features.

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