JOCKEY Men's Underwear

Jockey - one of the world's most famous and popular brands for underwear.

In 1876 the American Samuel Thrall Cooper founded the label 'S. T. Coopers & Sons' now known as Jockey, the brand for underwear, sleepwear, swimwear and sportswear. Jockey International Inc. is successfully represented with its range for men in more than 120 countries. Whether its Jockey shorts, trunks, briefs or Jockey boxers, the products of the company Jockey are characterized by best processing using only high-quality cotton materials.

For more than a century Jockey represents men's underwear.

Over the last 130 years Jockey has earned a globally recognized name; therefore Jockey is always named when talking about underwear as well as other companies like Schiesser, Hanro and Skiny. Jockey men's underwear ranges from classic to modern, from sporty to stylish, from functional to fashionable.
At Jockey, men of all ages find quality underwear, nightwear and swimwear. The large selection of Jockey men's underwear leaves no wishes unfulfilled due to a great assortment of colors, patterns, cuts and materials. The design of Jockey is always modern, whether the pattern is checkered or striped, in white or black - a man will always be styled when wearing Jockey especially regarding the large assortment of colors Jockey offers a to choose from. Besides the classic black, white and blue there are also real eye-catchers like red, yellow or multicolor are offered at Jockey.

Jockey also is the very first company which printed a brand name on the waistband of its underwear, today you can often find this detail on the trunk models and on Jockey's well known briefs and shorts.

With us you also get Jockey shirts for men in molds like classic or American as tank tops, half or long sleeve shirts, some Jockey models are even available in the convenient 2-pack . The most common colors are black or white. The popular Jockey brief is sold in a 2-pack or 3-pack with combinations of two tones in blue and black as well as other Jockey briefs and Jockey shorts.

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The most chosen Jockey boxers are characterized by a comfortable, loose fit and a high content of cotton. Here gentlemen can select from classic black as well as various patterns in bright colors.
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Today Jockey's assortment ranges from underwear for men and underwear for women to Jockey's stocking collection. In our shop you will get a wide range of products from Jockey, from 40,- € the shipping within Germany is free of charge.