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Hello, my name is Tom Voss. I reserved in May 2002 the domain ''.
This idea was a long time ago. The concept, to offer high quality men's underwear an appealing and equally simple website, came from our own experience and a general requirement.

At this time, in 2002 was the big dealer dying, for my father and me extremely difficult to acquire the customary quality underwear. Even in the "world city" Munich closed lingerie retailer their stores. The reason was the collapse of the "new economy bubble", and to use the holiday in Switzerland to fill his laundry cupboard again, was simply too expensive.

The Internet bubble burst in 2002 and also the trust of supplier side went downward. The supplier was suddenly extremely hesitant further to deal with the topic internet business (Sentences like "Could you really pay for the goods?" - or - "You receive the items only for payment in advance!" were part of some interviews). The startup for SIMPLY MAN was December 2002. The offer was already bodywear from brands like Zimmerli, Hanro, Jockey and HOM.

Behind '' is since the beginning the Munich agency Image Orange, at that time active in digital photography. But soon became obvious that maintenance, logistics and marketing needed the full manpower of the small agency. Image Orange adjust in the end of 2003 the business area digital photography and focused its business only in online trading. Owner of Image Orange and operators of SIMPLY MAN is Tom Voss.

In the following years, the sales figures are rising steadily and seduction grew to increase the suppliers. But the principle of small and fine online stores for men's underwear has been retained. The assortment was not cluttered inflated, but the classics Mey and Schiesser were added. Recommended by individual suppliers ladies lingerie were offered in a separate online shop (''). | first version 2003 | first version 2005

For the 10th anniversary both shops were revised carefully. A look at the new websites now allows by a cleanes and reduced design an optimal overview of the wide selection range of men's and women's underwear. | relaunch 2013 | relaunch 2013

After more than 11 years SIMPLY MAN is not deviated from the original idea of the small specialist for men's underwear with honest advice. SIMPLY MAN since its online startup, middle of December 2002, to this day a 'niche player', who knows of what he speaks.

Kind regards from Munich
Tom Voss