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An international brand with tradition: SCHIESSER since 1875.

Schiesser can look back to a long and successful history with 135 years of existence. The company's representatives seemed to have recognized one of the most important business principles and managed to implement them successfully. The balance of tradition and vision is one of the main company guidelines which is reflected in the new identity of the brand named the 'New Schiesser - Natural. Zeitgeist. Since 1875'. The introduction of the famous rib shirt dates back to 1923 and the very durable double rib was introduced in 1951. Both products are still very popular. With those items, Schiesser has dominated the German market for underwear like no other brand ever has.

Underwear by SCHIESSER: Light and carefree through the day.

The company Schiesser does not compromise when it comes to quality and processing of their underwear for men, women and children. All of their products, whether sleepwear, shorts, briefs, shirts or sporting items meet only the highest expectations. The popular series Schiesser 955 or 95/5 for example are made of 95% of the finest Pima cotton and 5% spandex. The collection is available for women and children. Schiesser also offers a lot of products for sports and leisure. From the classic sports bra to thermal underwear - at Schiesser women and kids can choose from a wide range.
The range of nightwear by Schiesser is the same high quality and is attractive and comfortable. The high quality is continued through all series and models of Schiesser and provides an optimum fit and the best, long-lasting comfort.

SCHIESSER - The leading brand when it comes to underwear for men.

Especially men pay a lot of attention to quality and longevity. The men have a choice between Schiesser models; the Basic collection such as Outdoorsman, Kosmopolit, Weltenbummler oder Nachtschwärmer. Here men can select briefs with or without access in the front, thongs, shorts or long leg trousers. Shirts are available as a tank top, a long or a short sleeve, with v-neck, with a line of buttons or with a round neck. The colors used at Schiesser men's underwear are not only classic white, black or blue. But today you can also get Schiesser men's underwear in bright colors and modern patterns. The sizes range from S to XXL.

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Schiesser has a large selection of briefs, shorts, shirts and nightwear for women as well. The classical slip for example is available as hip or brazilian brief as well as maxi briefs or thongs and playful shorts and panties. Schiesser Shirts are available in bright colors with various cutouts and arm lengths.

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