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Underwear of Zimmerli of Switzerland is a traditional Swiss brand.

Zimmerli represents luxury underwear 'made in Switzerland'.

The brand Zimmerli of Switzerland is proud to be producing and selling original Swiss quality for more than 130 years. In the sector of luxury underwear for women and men Zimmerli is the number one in the world. The founder Pauline Zimmerli emphasized fine manufacturing, thorough cuts and the finest natural materials such as cotton wool, wool and satin in her first underwear lines.
100 percent of the Zimmerli underwear and 75 percent of the overall production originates in Tessin in Switzerland. Records and experience show this is the reason why Zimmerli can guarantee its high, unique quality standards. While men already appreciate Zimmerli's high quality of underwear, its long lasting life and its wearing comfort also the underwear for women of Zimmerli is getting more and more established in the fashion market.

Zimmerli underwear for women and men is pure luxury.

The men's underwear collections Zimmerli Richelieu, Zimmerli Royal Classic, Zimmerli Sea Island and Zimmerli Business Class are characterized by their finish of 100 % cotton wool twine and their single jersey quality. Especially the Zimmerli men's line, Royal Classic, stands out with its large choice of variety which are easy to combine/match. The collections Zimmerli Urban Chic, Zimmerli Pure Comfort and Zimmerli Pureness, men absolutely love because they contain a high percentage of spandex and elastane.
With its assortment of Silk de Luxe, Zimmerli of Switzerland offers the highest luxury of 100 percent silk charmeuse. Its perfect feel on the skin due to high heat retention Zimmerli presents with its underwear of Wool & Silk. Only the finest materials like wool and satin are being used here.
Zimmerli men's wear is having every popular style like briefs, pants, G-strings, boxers, shirts, tops, singlets with short arms, long arms, round neckline or v-neckline in stock, predominantly in black or white.

By the way: The men's Zimmerli line Richelieu has been the classical style of fashioned underwear since the thirteen hundreds. One the most filmed singlets in Hollywood is ones of Zimmerli's Richelieu collection. Sylvester Stallone wore it in 'Rocky', Joaquin Phoenix in 'Walk the Line', Jamie Foxx in 'Ray' and Denzel Washington in 'Devil in a Blue Dress'.

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Women can for example choose from the Zimmerli basic collection Just Richelieu, Vertigo, Cotton de Luxe, Essential, MaudePrivé, Belle de Jour or Sea Island. The underwear of Zimmerli is persuading with a total feel of comfort which is possible because of its high quality cotton wool. This way the products are durable while at the same time being elastic and the most comfortably to wear. Each product of the Pureness collection are very flexible due to their high amount of lycra and micro modal, the Zimmerli lines Silky Couture and Noblesse are convincing with highest grades of 100 percent silt and merino wool.

Usually Zimmerli underwear is available in black and white, although some of the brands women's collections are also offered in skin color. Classical briefs can be purchased as hipster pants, with waistline or as string, g-string or panties.
Regarding shirts, Zimmerli awaits its customers with various options: tank top, thin strap, t-shirt with round or v-cutout, long or short sleeves.

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