A true Swiss traditional brand: Underwear of Zimmerli of Switzerland

Men's underwear 'made in Switzerland': this addition is meant seriously.

100 percent of Zimmerli's underwear and 75 percent of the brands total production is hails from Tessin. Experience shows that Zimmerli only can hold up its unique high standards of quality because of this. The founder, Pauline Zimmerli, already started paying attention to this very detail which is based on fine manufacturing, best materials and detailed cuts when creating the first underwear models.

Zimmerli underwear for men is pure indulgence.

Zimmerli of Switzerland is proud to produce and retail only original Swiss quality for more than 130 years. Therefor Zimmerli is the number one in the world when comes to high quality men's underwear. On top of that the recently launched collections of women underwear is taking a similar place in the market.

Zimmerli can effort to use cotton wool which is twice mercerized. The extreme fine single jersey is unique in its comfort. The collections Zimmerli Richelieu, Zimmerli Royal Classic, Zimmerli Sea Island and Zimmerli Business Class are distinguished by their processing of 100 percent cotton wool, single jersey quality. In the lines Zimmerli Pure Comfort, Zimmerli Piqué Como and Zimmerli Pureness men appreciate also the extra of a high amount of elastane and lycra. With its Silk de Luxe Line Zimmerli of Switzerland offers a luxurious variation of 100% satin charmeuse. Men are guaranteed a perfect skin climate with the underwear Zimmerli Wool & Silk cause of its good heat retention. Here again only the finest materials such as merino wool and satin are being used.

Since the thirties the underwear line Richelieu is an absolute classic when it comes to men's underwear. The most filmed singlet in Hollywood stems from the Richelieu line. Stars like Sylvester Stallone wore it in 'Rocky' so did Joaquin Phoenix in 'Walk the Line', Jamie Foxx in 'Ray' and Denzel Washington in 'Devil in a Blue Dress'.

ZIMMERLI™ men's underwear at SIMPLY MAN, your online shop for exclusive men's underwear since 2003.

Men can choose from an especially wide range of briefs, boxers, shorts, singlets, pajamas or shirts made out of exquisite Egyptian cotton wool when looking at the Royal Classic Line. Sea Island is the rarest and most valuable type of cotton wool in the world. And exactly this is the name of this collection of Zimmerli, which is characterized by its pure softness and fine silky shine. Due to its antibacterial nature, Zimmerli Business Class is elastic, firm and odorless even after wearing it for a longer time. Zimmerlis men's underwear of Urban Chic and Pure Comfort is meant to be worn comfortably and skin tight. A high percentage of spandex creates a perfect fit making this unique feeling possible. The secret of the Pureness line is a special Textile fabric called MicroModal which absorbes up to 50% more moisture than cotton wool and deduces it afterwards.

In our shop „simply-man.com" for men we offer a wide range of various items of men's underwear by Zimmerli like briefs, pants, strings, shirts, tops and undershirts - optionally with short sleeves, long sleeves, round or v-neck.
Matching underwear for women, in particular the popular line Pureness, you can find in our shop „really-woman.com".